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Signify Lyrics

1. Bornlivedie

[Автор — Стивен Уилсон и Ричард Бариери]
[инструментальная композиция]

2. Signify

[Автор — Стивен Уилсон]
[инструментальная композиция]

3. the Sleep of No Dreaming

[Автор — Стивен Уилсон]

At the age of sixteen
I grew out of hope
I regarded the cosmos
Through a circle of rope
So I threw out my plans
Ran on to the wheel
And emptied my head
Of all childish ideals
The sleep of no feeling
I married the first girl
Who wasn't a man
And smiled as the spiders
Ran all over my hands
Made a good living
By dying it's true
As the world in my TV
Leaked onto my shoes

4. Pagan

[Автор — Стивен Уилсон]
[инструментальная композиция]

5. Waiting — Phase One

[Автор — Стивен Уилсон]

Waiting... to be born again

Wanting... the saddest kind of pain
Waiting for the day when I will crawl away

Nothing is what I feel
Waiting... for the drugs to make it real
Waiting... for the day when I will crawl away

Waiting... to be disciplined
Aching... for your nails across my skin
Waiting... for the day when I will crawl away

6. Waiting — Phase Two

[Автор — Стивен Уилсон]
[инструментальная композиция]

7. Sever

[Автор — Стивен Уилсон]

Telepath Carbon trapped under stone
Brother mother pale body is thrown
Only way I know to have fun
Fill up my blood, my veins, my lungs

ESP city — rainy and blue
Burn down this town, I give it to you
Aero shallow, photograph blind
Stage fright, black light, coma divine

No sense of time
Sever tomorrow
Exitless mind — ESP Sever tomorrow

School out invective, losing my voice
Film shredding on in multiple choice
America calls, I must go
Oprah saviour, I feel that low

8. Idiot Prayer

[Автор — Стивен Уилсон and Колин Эдвин Colin]
[инструментальная композиция]

9. Every Home Is Wired

[Автор — Стивен Уилсон]

Modem load and failsafe
Electric teenage dust
Hit the solvent keypad
Start the neural rust

Power on the highway
Data in my head
Surfing on the network
Part of me is dead

Every Home is Wired

Swimming in the circuit
Somebody has expired
This world will be the future

Every home is wired

10. Intermediate Jesus

[Авторы: Стивен Уилсон, Ричард Бариери, Колин Эдвин and Крис Мэйтленд]

[инструментальная композиция]

11. Light Mass Prayers

[Автор — Крис Мэйтланд]
[инструментальная композиция]

12. Dark Matter

[Автор — Стивен Уилсон]

Inside the vehicle the cold is extreme
Smoke in my throat kicks me out of my dream
I try to relax but its warmer outside
I fail to connect, it's a tragic divide

This has become a full time career
To die young would take only 21 years
Gun down a school or blow up a car
The media circus will make you a star

Dark matter flowing out on to a tape
Is only as loud as the silence it breaks
Most things decay in a matter of days
The product is sold the memory fades

Crushed like a rose
In the river flow
I am I know